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The Next Big Thing: Flavonoids in Medical Cannabis

You’ve probably heard a lot about the benefits of CBD, from pain-relieving effects to help with mental disorders such as PTSD. You’ve probably also heard about the controversial THC, with psychoactive properties that aid marijuana users both medicinally and recreationally. With so much media attention given to CBD and THC, another group of essential chemical

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Heal with Less High: CBD Heavy Strains that You’ll Love

It’s official, THC is no longer the star chemical compound of the budding bud industry. CBD, terpenes, and even flavonoids are getting a lot more attention these days. CBD is often associated with the healing properties of marijuana since it can help with chronic pain, epilepsy, and even the side effects of cancer medication. In

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What To Do When A Cannabis High Goes South

If you are new to smoking cannabis or eating edibles, you might eventually find yourself in a situation where you consume more than you can handle. We hope this never happens, but when it does, know that the feeling (though unpleasant) is temporary and will pass. First of all, know that there have been zero

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The Best Marijuana Strains for PTSD in Oklahoma

Whether gained from combat experience or a tragic life event, PTSD can be a debilitating medical condition. Almost 8 million people will suffer from PTSD in a given year (2). Symptoms include anxiety, stress, insomnia, bad dreams, and poor memory consolidation. Marijuana is being used for the treatment of PTSD at an increasing rate, partly

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Six Stellar Strains for Pain Relief You Can Find in Oklahoma

Ever since medical marijuana was legalized in Oklahoma, dispensaries have been popping up all over the state. While this has brought a whole new industry to the Sooner State, it has also brought a lot of options for patients who might want to try reducing their opiate use for chronic pain. As mentioned before, cannabis

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Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids: What’s the Difference?

You might have dabbled in smoking marijuana before it became legal in Oklahoma (but we really hope you haven’t). In an unregulated environment, there is a risk that you don’t really know what you’re buying, how it’s grown, what pesticides are used, and more. You are essentially left in the dark unless the person you

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Medical Marijuana and Fibromyalgia

Do you suffer from fibromyalgia? If you do, you know it can be a debilitating disease. Although the cause is highly debated, and there are no standard treatments or cure, over 5 million people in the US suffer from fibromyalgia, and 90% of people diagnosed are women (1). The disease wasn’t even officially recognized until

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Amendment to Protect Local Marijuana Laws Passes House

One of the biggest leaps in federal marijuana reform took place last week in D.C. On June 20th, United States House members voted in favor of the Blumenauer-McClintock-Norton amendment, which would further protect laws in states that allow recreational marijuana use from federal interference. This would mean that the Department of Justice could no longer

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Food as Medicine: Cooking with Cannabis

Edibles have been around for a while, but thanks to legalization in some form or other in over half the continental United States, over the counter cannabis edibles are all the rage. And you can find a wide variety for any situation, from discrete candies to cookies to infused oils. But cooking it at home

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