Why You Should Keep a Cannabis Journal


If the thought of keeping a journal reminds you of the adolescent diary, think again. If you use cannabis for therapeutic reasons, you will find that keeping a cannabis journal is a great help, and here are a few reasons why.

1) Remembering All Those Strains Is Hard

Super lemon what? Sour who? There are thousands of cannabis strains on the market today, and each of them entirely unique. Remembering the names of the dozens you might try in a year is difficult as it is. But to make matters worse, they all have some pretty strange names. Writing them down can help you remember the difference between Sour Kush, Sour Deisel, and Sour Tangie.

2) When You’re High, Your Perspective is Different

How you perceive how you feel in the moment of using cannabis and how you remember the way you felt long after the fact will vary. By taking note of how each strain affects your symptoms, and the side effects you might feel is significant to note while you’re using it. Don’t wait until you need to buy more to remember if that strain gave you cottonmouth or made your paranoid.

3) Dosage Matters

Not only is it essential to track how strains affect symptoms, but like with any form of therapy or medication, it is crucial to track how much you use and how often. It is also good to monitor the means of which you consume it. For example, did you eat edibles or vape concentrate? Did you use a water pipe or smoke from a joint?

4) Save Yourself Time and Money

Everybody is different and reacts to cannabis differently, so it can be hard to recommend specific strains or doses to patients and guarantee results. The truth is, you’ll need to experiment with various products to see what works for you. And keeping a journal can help you figure that out much faster and more efficiently, so you aren’t wasting so much time and money trying new things.

It doesn’t matter how you keep track of your cannabis therapy, as long as you do it. Whether you use the note app on your smartphone, an app, or an old fashioned spiral notebook, the benefits are all the same. Use the tracking method that works best for you. Before you know it, you will be using cannabis as an effective treatment for a variety of symptoms or ailments.


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