Cannabis Growing Equipment Checklist


If you plan on growing your cannabis in Oklahoma for medicinal use, you’ll want to make the process as smooth and straightforward as possible to start with. Like all gardeners and green thumbs know, there is a lit of variables involved in the growing process, so limiting the number of problems by ensuring you have decent equipment and supplies will help even novice growers get started. Here is a handy checklist of items you should look into if you want to begin growing cannabis .

1) Seed Starter Plugs or Cubes

Seed starter plugs are made with peat moss, and they are a great way to germinate your seeds.

2) Fabric Planters or Pots

You’ll need a container to grow your plants if you plan on growing indoors. Fabric containers are perfect because they let the soil breath and can prevent overwatering.

3) Grow Tent

You can either purchase one or make your own, but a grow tent will usually have a reflective surface on the inside and a lightproof seam to prevent light loss. We recommend purchasing one made specifically for cannabis growing.

4) Lights

An LED light is the most energy-efficient option, is easy to use, and can often produce higher yields, so we recommend beginners use one.

5) Timer

You will want to automate the light cycles of your plants since it simulates the day and night they would typically be exposed to in nature. They aren’t that expensive, and they allow the growing of cannabis to work around the clock without manual intervention.

6) Ventilation and Filtration

You can create ventilation and filter out strong odors by combining ducting, carbon filters, and an inline fan. It would be best if you also had an oscillating fan handy to move are around and also simulate wind. Simulating wind creates strong stems in your plants, which will make them healthier and allow them to support more abundant harvests.

7) Measurement Tools

You’ll want to be able to measure the temperature and humidity of the inside of your tent, so we recommend buying a Thermo Hygrometer. You’ll also want a PH meter to measure the PH level of your soil and water. These measurements are especially important if you have issues and want to resolve them.

8) Standard Gardening Supplies

You’ll want some standard supplies to keep around, such as pruners, watering cans, protective gloves and eyewear, extension chords/powerstrips, and of course: duct tape.

If you want to make your first indoor grow room an easy set up, many brands sell start grow kits with everything you need to get started and instructions on setting up. Depending on your budget or needs, this might be the best and most economical option.

Good luck getting started on your cannabis growing adventure!


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