Introducing the Green Hope Cannabis Tracker!

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A game-changer in the world of medical marijuana, the marijuana telehealth company, Green Hope Wellness, is launching the Green Hope Cannabis Tracker.

Green Hope Wellness is steadily working towards shedding a proper light on the true benefits that lie in medical marijuana dispensaries.

More than merely a medicinal marijuana dispensary, Green Hope Wellness is an industry heavyweight that is fully utilizing technological advancements to spread awareness about medicinal marijuana. The company also provides medicinal marijuana recommendations. It is a resource for free education about marijuana, it provides marijuana telehealth services through its patient consultations and helps patients find access to cannabis.

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While medicinal marijuana has been legalized for a while in the State of Missouri, there are still plenty of misconceptions about the industry, confusion about regulations, and negativity towards MMJ dispensaries and card authorizers.

Since its inception, Green Hope Wellness has become a one-stop solution for patients that require MMJ. The company provides OMMA-authorized application forms for MMJ cards. It also organizes clinic days with qualified medical professionals to provide cardholders with recommendations for their needs on-site and through telemedicine. This is where its crowning achievement, the Green Hope Cannabis Tracker, comes in.

The Problem with Marijuana Telehealth

There has long been a need for a viable solution to provide trustworthy marijuana telehealth services. With increasing awareness of MMJ, it is clear that it can present substantial medical benefits to patients who seek alternative treatments to OTC-medicines that come with a plethora of side effects.

However, there was a long gap between the aspect of trustworthy services and the demand for one-stop solutions. Hundreds of Missouri residents were deprived of their chance to obtain a trustworthy MMJ card by con artists who took their money and provided them with MMJ cards with unauthorized signatures. The result was more than 600 deserving patients being denied the MMJ recommendations and being unable to receive the proper treatment.

This malpractice caused a significant rift between patients and doctors and dispensaries. Renee’ Harper from Green Hope Wellness has long been focusing on bridging the gap and helping patients access reliable and legal solutions for their MMJ requirements. The legal marijuana industry is still in its nascent stages. People looking for alternative treatments through MMJ are still not entirely aware of regulations, signs to look for, and do not have proper access to qualified medical professionals and trustworthy dispensaries to receive their marijuana.

Green Hope Wellness’ Green Hope Cannabis Tracker is going to change that.

Green Hope Cannabis Tracker

The Green Hope Cannabis Tracker is the first-of-its-kind when it comes to mobile apps catering to marijuana telehealth needs. Green Hope Wellness is already displaying the success of its strategy across Oklahoma, aiming to continue expanding to Missouri and Arkansas. Through the Green Hope Cannabis Tracker, the company wants to make access to resources for medical marijuana online significantly more accessible to patients seeking MMJ solutions.

Green Hope Cannabis Tracker app

More About the App!

The Green Hope Cannabis Tracker app will make it easier for patients to connect with their preferred cannabis coaches to get the expert help they require right at their fingertips. Green Hope Wellness has partnered with several top experts in MMJ, providing a more reliable source of recommendations to patients who require MMJ. These experts will work with the patients to understand their conditions and requirements to provide them with the ideal recommendations.

Besides helping patients connect with the best cannabis coaches, the Green Hope Cannabis Tracker is also a nationwide resource center. Cannabis users can use the app to connect with the most reputable and trusted businesses in the industry that are certified Green Hope partners.

The app will give you access to comprehensive educational resources compiled by Green Hope, the ability to get MMJ cards and renewals, and it can even facilitate filing the forms to give you better access to MMJ. The service will charge you a nominal fee, but it will give you peace of mind by getting a Green Hope guarantee for reliable and trustworthy services.


Green Hope Cannabis Tracker is available for both the App Store for iOS users and Google Play Store for Android users. The app has an intuitive interface that makes it easier for you to navigate throughout the platform. It brings together all the necessary cannabis resources, educational resources, providing you the ability to keep track of your marijuana usage, and much more.

Green Hope Wellness – Bringing You Hope

Signing up with Green Hope Cannabis Tracker is a matter of creating an account using your email. There are separate pages where you can access MMJ recommendations, contact a qualified cannabis health coach, and find trustworthy dispensaries to purchase cannabis products and supplies to grow cannabis yourself.

Its usage tracking feature allows you to make sure you stay on track with your MMJ usage based on recommendations. You will never find yourself going over or under your recommended marijuana usage. If you need instant help from a certified cannabis health coach, you can use it to send a direct message or even get some face-to-face time with the professional through its dedicated video chat feature.

While Green Hope Wellness is a virtual platform, it provides a seamless marijuana telehealth service to users to get access to the attention and care they deserve.

The launch of its Green Hope Cannabis Tracker will seamlessly integrate Green Hope Wellness Telehealth into your life to provide you with more convenient access to a comprehensive set of trustworthy MMJ solutions.

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