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10 Top Tips for Newbie Cannabis Growers

“It’s an ill wind that blows no one any good.” So said John Heywood in his proverb collection of the 1500s. This proverb is just as true today as it was long ago. The ill wind in question here is the shutdown of society and life as we know it due to the recent Coronavirus

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Cannabis and Covid: What You Should Know

Regina Nelson, Ph.D, and J. Theodore Carson, MSEd. 2020 has been a year like no other! The first real viral epidemic to strike the globe in a hundred years has left many of us uncertain where to go or who to turn to for accurate information. As always, we have scientists and doctors on the

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Introducing the Green Hope Cannabis Tracker!

A game-changer in the world of medical marijuana, the marijuana telehealth company, Green Hope Wellness, is launching the Green Hope Cannabis Tracker. Green Hope Wellness is steadily working towards shedding a proper light on the true benefits that lie in medical marijuana dispensaries. More than merely a medicinal marijuana dispensary, Green Hope Wellness is an

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Are You Eligible For a Medical Marijuana License in the State Oklahoma?

If you’re tired of your regular prescription medicines, their side effects, and in some cases, their ineffectiveness, then it’s time that you look into other options. One of the most effective treatments for many ailments is cannabis. However, to get on the treatment in Oklahoma, you need a valid medical marijuana license to purchase the

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How To Medicate With Cannabis

Join us on August 21st, 2022, 2-4PM with Renee Harper, RN. At Green Hope Wellness (view map). Cannabis has gained widespread recognition for its therapeutic properties, and many individuals are turning to it as a form of medication. Whether you are considering cannabis for pain management, anxiety relief, or other health benefits, understanding how to

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Drying and Curing Your Homegrown Cannabis

Once you’ve trimmed and manicured your cannabis buds, you might be tempted to start smoking those sticking buds right away (or converting them into edible goodies, like cannabutter or canna-oil). Drying and Curing is Essential Curing your cannabis preserves the plant, so it’ll keep longer, plus it enhances the flavors and aromas that make smoking

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How to Trim Your Home Grown Cannabis

You’ve put a lot of love and care into your indoor medical cannabis garden. Now that you have some big and beautiful buds to harvest, it’s time to start trimming so you can move on to the drying and curing. You might think this is the easy part, but many seasoned marijuana growers dislike this

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Why You Should Keep a Cannabis Journal

If the thought of keeping a journal reminds you of the adolescent diary, think again. If you use cannabis for therapeutic reasons, you will find that keeping a cannabis journal is a great help, and here are a few reasons why. 1) Remembering All Those Strains Is Hard Super lemon what? Sour who? There are

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