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how to grow mmj in okc

How to grow your own cannabis Saturday, May 15th from 3-5pm

We will be sharing invaluable information on “How to grow your own cannabis”, this class is a must for patients both new and old that are looking to take their growing efforts to the next level. This class is $50 and can be used towards your purchase of our growing kit! Class sizes will be limited to

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6 Debunked Myths About Growing Cannabis

Growing your own cannabis is something that used to be a novelty before the cannabis legalization movement gained momentum. However, many unlicensed growers had growing operations that proved that it is possible to grow cannabis without a professional and licensed setup. Despite what many people might think, growing cannabis is not too challenging. Yes, it

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7 Things to Know Before Growing Medical Marijuana

With the legalization movement picking up momentum countrywide, many people have started growing their own supply of medical marijuana. Growing your own medical marijuana is exciting. There is something special about sowing the seeds yourself and harvesting the buds you’ve grown with love and care. If you are planning to become a cannabis grower to

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How to Medicate with Cannabis Sunday, April 11th from (2-4pm)

We will be offering our “How to medicate with cannabis” class. This event requires a $20 deposit that can be used for the purchase of books or a consultation with a Cannabis Health Coach. Our discussion will address the various cannabis options available to you and what best suits your specific needs. No medical card needed to

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10 Top Tips for Newbie Cannabis Growers

“It’s an ill wind that blows no one any good.” So said John Heywood in his proverb collection of the 1500s. This proverb is just as true today as it was long ago. The ill wind in question here is the shutdown of society and life as we know it due to the recent Coronavirus

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cannabis and covid

Cannabis and Covid: What You Should Know

Regina Nelson, Ph.D, and J. Theodore Carson, MSEd. 2020 has been a year like no other! The first real viral epidemic to strike the globe in a hundred years has left many of us uncertain where to go or who to turn to for accurate information. As always, we have scientists and doctors on the

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