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Green Hope Wellness sets the gold standard as the premier full service Oklahoma medical card provider. Unlike other providers who merely secure a doctor’s recommendation, Green Hope Wellness is committed to providing comprehensive and personalized support throughout the entire process. Our expert team doesn’t just stop at securing your medical card; we take it a step further by meticulously handling and filing your paperwork with OMMA on your behalf. We stand out because of our knowledgeable staff, whose dedication and passion for patient welfare are unparalleled. Choose Green Hope Wellness, where we transform a complex process into a seamless journey towards your wellness.

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Green Hope Wellness is Oklahoma’s leading medical card provider, offering more than just a doctor’s recommendation. We provide end-to-end support, handling all the paperwork with OMMA for you. Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to ensure your journey towards wellness is smooth and hassle-free. Choose Green Hope Wellness for unmatched patient care and comprehensive service.

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 *OMMA fees will be additional*

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Our blog features an ever-expanding array of articles on topics such as: growing at home, journaling, extracts, political and legal updates, detailed medical uses, and more.

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We offer regular educational classes. Many of these classes are completely free of charge and are offered solely to better our community.

Occasionally we bring in outside experts in their fields and charge a nominal fee to attend our classes, which can feature demonstrations or DIY extraction methods, culinary tastings, and more.

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