Oklahoma Cannabis

Drying and Curing Your Homegrown Cannabis

Once you’ve trimmed and manicured your cannabis buds, you might be tempted to start smoking those sticking buds right away (or converting them into edible goodies, like cannabutter or canna-oil). Drying and Curing is Essential Curing your cannabis preserves the plant, so it’ll keep longer, plus it enhances the flavors and aromas that make smoking …

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Growing Cannabis in Oklahoma: Seeds and Clones 101

If you are interested in growing your medical marijuana at home in Oklahoma, you’ll need to start with seeds or clones. In this article, we are going to explain the difference between seeds and clones and how to obtain both. If marijuana isn’t legal in your state, we don’t recommend growing cannabis, purchasing seeds, or …

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Non-Solvent Extracted Concentrates Explained

In our last article, we described some of the more popular solvent-extracted concentrates on the market today. Non-solvent extraction methods use more natural elements, like water, pressure, and heat. They are considered safer by many cannabis users because there are no residual solvents or chemicals left in the final product. Kief Kief is the result …

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